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FASP's Executive Board

There shall be an Executive Board of FASP consisting of the officers of FASP, Committee Chairpersons, DOE Consultant, FASP Children's Services Fund, Inc. Liaison, NASP Delegate and The FASP Political Committee Liaison.

FASP Officers

  • FASP President: Nicholas Cutro (fasppres@gmail.com)
  • FASP President-Elect: Angel Canto (faspresearchchair@gmail.com)
  • FASP Immediate Past President: Donna Berghauser (fasppastpres@outlook.com)
  • FASP Secretary: Kelli Dari (faspsecretary@outlook.com)
  • FASP Treasurer: Amy Vance (fasptreasurer2014@gmail.com)
    2637 E Atlantic Blvd #36588, Pompano Beach, FL 33062

  • Regional Representatives
  • Northeast Representative: Natalie Stokes (faspnortheast@gmail.com)
  • Northwest Representative: Sharon Bartels-Wheeless (SWheeless@cox.net)
  • East Central Representative: Leigh Wooten (leigh.wooten@lewdevelopment.com)
  • West Central Representative: Rochelle Poole (rcpoole82@gmail.com)
  • Southeast Representative: Adrienne L. Avallone, Psy.S., NCSP, Licensed School Psychologist (faspsoutheast@gmail.com)
  • Southwest Representative: Jana Csenger (faspsouthwest@gmail.com)
  • South Representative: Joan Kappus (faspsouthrep@gmail.com)

  • Standing Committees
  • Administration & Supervision: Mary Alice Myers (mmyers@volusia.k12.fl.us)
  • Awards: Zoila Ganuza (zganuza@gmail.com)
  • Bylaws: Donna Berghauser (fasppastpres@outlook.com)
  • CE Credit Coordinator: Juliana Stolz (FASPCECoor2018@gmsil.com)
  • Conference: (faspannualconference@gmail.com)
  • Diversity: Kurt Payne
  • Ethics & Standards of Practice: Freda Reid (fmr@bellsouth.net)
  • Membership: Kim Berryhill (faspregistrarandmembership@gmail.com)
  • Newsletter: Mylissa Fraser (faspnewsletter@gmail.com)
  • Planning & Development: Geoffrey Freebern (geoffrey.freebern@gmail.com)
  • Private Practice: Alberto Gamarra (mentalmastery.gamarra@gmail.com)
  • Professional Development: Brad Underhill (faspprofessionaldevelopment@gmail.com)
  • Public Policy & Professional Relations: Ralph Eugene Cash (GCash1@aol.com)
  • Registrar: Kim Berryhill (faspregistrarandmembership@gmail.com)
  • Research: Angel Canto (faspresearchchair@gmail.com
  • Student Delegate: Catalina Uribe (faspstudentdelegates@gmail.com)
  • Technology & Communications: Michelle Robertson-Shephard (fasptechcom@gmail.com) - Call/Text (407.801.2430)
  • Training & Credentialing: Sarah Valley-Gray (valleygr@gmail.com)

  • Special Committees
  • Applied Behavior Analysis: Michael Kelleher (michael.kelleher@sdhc.k12.fl.us)
  • Historian: Denise Dorsey (fasphistorian@gmail.com)
  • Interest Groups: Valentina Jolta (FASPInterestGroup@gmail.com)
  • Public & Media Relations: Lisa Vivo (fasppublicandmediarelations@gmail.com)
  • School Neuropsychology: Monica Oganes (monica@monicaoganes.com)

  • Liaison Positions (Not Appointed)
  • Children's Services Fund, Inc.: Sarah Valley Gray (valleygr@gmail.com)
  • DOE Consultant: David Wheeler (wheeler@usf.edu)
  • NASP Delegate: Angela Mann, Ph.D. BCBA, NCSP (angela.mann@unf.edu)
  • FASP Lobbyists: Bob Cerra (bobcerra@comcast.net) & John Cerra (cerraj@comcast.net)