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FASP Historian

First established under Jim Rockwell's presidency in 1984-85 with the appointment of John Wells as the first FASP Historian, who served through the 1996-97 year, the Historian maintains the John Wells/FASP Historical Archives and communicates the history of FASP to its members.

Denise Dorsey, FASP Historian

FASP Past Presidents

1957-1958: Dr. Robert M. Allen and Dr. Thelma G. Voorhis (Co-Presidents)
1958-1959: Dr. Thelma G. Voorhis
1959-1960: Dr. Walter D. Smith
1960-1961: Dr. Arthur Combs
1961-1962: Mrs. Dicksie P. Mitchell
1962-1963: Dr. Ralph L. Witherspoon
1963-1964: Mrs. Olpha Brown
1964-1965: Dr. John Demming
1965-1966: Dr. Willard Nelson
1966-1967: Dr. Robert G. Wieland
1967-1968: Dr. Don Driggs
1968-1969: Dr. Warner Metz
1969-1970: Dr. J. David O'Dea
1970-1971: Dr. James Robinson
1971-1972: Dr. Nathan Farber
1972-1973: Dr. Charles Madsen
1973-1974: Dr. Robert Klein
1974-1975: Mr. Jim Eikeland
1975-1976: Dr. O. Glenn Geiger
1976-1977: Dr. Kelly Livesay
1977-1978: Dr. John Taylor
1978-1979: Mr. William Alexander
1979-1980: Dr. Robert E. Anderson
1980-1981: Mr. Nick Mystic
1981-1982: Dr. Bonnie Engel
1982-1983: Mr. Joe Jackson
1983-1984: Dr. Ralph Bailey
1984-1985: Dr. Jim Rockwell
1985-1986: Dr. Caroline Barnard
1986-1987: Dr. David Mealor
1987-1988: Ms. Susan Barnes
1988-1989: Mrs. Faye Henderson
1989-1990: Mr. Tom Buchanan
1990-1991: Mrs. Kathy Leighton
1991-1992: Dr. Joseph Tamburino
1992-1993: Ms. Nancy Reichstetter
1993-1994: Dr. James Woodward
1994-1995: Mr. Ray Gadd
1995-1996: Ms. Pam Taylor
1996-1997: Dr. Gene Cash
1997-1998: Dr. Philip Lazarus
1998-1999: Mr. William J. Donelson
1999-2000: Mrs. Lisa Coffey
2000-2001: Mr. Clark Dorman
2001-2002: Mrs. Lori Glassman
2002-2003: Ms. Freda Reid
2003-2004: Ms. Mary Alice Myers
2004-2005: Mr. Hamilton "Kip" Emery
2005-2006: Dr. Terrence Vaccaro
2006-2007: Dr. Bob Templeton
2007-2008: Mr. Joshua Lutz
2008-2009: Mr. Bradford Underhill
2009-2010: Mr. Mark Neely
2010-2011: Dr. Monica Oganes
2011-2012: Mr. Joseph Jackson
2012-2013: Dr. Rance Harbor
2013-2014: Mr. Geoffrey Freebern
2014-2015: Dr. Troy Loker
2015-2016: Ms. Lisa Perez
2016-2017: Dr. Nikki Sutton
2017-2018: Dr. Donna Berghauser
2018-2019: Mr. Nicholas Cutro
2019-2020: Dr. Angel Canto
Current: Ms. Lauren Parker

A History of the Florida Association of School Psychologists
John A. Wells, First Historian

On March 23, 1957, a group of five individuals met at the Mitchell residence located on River Boulevard in Tampa. Having assembled the previous year during the Florida Psychological Association’s Seventh Annual Meeting, considerable discussion had transpired regarding establishing a State organization that represented those individuals employed by school systems throughout Florida, and whose University training had been in the areas of Child, Educational and/ or School Psychology.

Informally, they had identified this organization as the Florida Association of School Psychologists (FASP), and as noted on the Florida Education Association's meeting agenda on March 15, 1957, at the YWCA club room in Tampa, had designated Dr. Thelma Voorhis to be the chairman. The River Boulevard meeting was to finalize a draft of the FASP constitution, and to plan a workshop for psychologists attending the FPA program to be held in Miami. In attendance at that meeting were at Dicksie P. Mitchell (owner of the residence) and Dean Rochester both from Hillsborough County, Thelma Voorhis of Pinellas, Ray Sandiford of Pasco, and BC Moss of Marion Counties.

Other states had already established associations for School Psychologists, and Florida was following a similar pattern of development. The attempts for professional recognition, autonomy and self-government had, and would continue to be, arduous. Certification and professional training issues were heatedly debated, and had it not been for the cooperative efforts of University professors experienced practitioners, and polished clinicians, FASP may have been slower to evolve.

The Florida Association of School Psychologists had its official beginnings immediately preceding the 8th annual meeting of the Florida Psychological Association. The event was co-chaired by Dr. Robert M. Allen of the University of Miami and Dr. Thelma Voorhis, a school psychologist with the Pinellas County school system. It is estimated that approximately 25 to 30 people were present to review and approve the drafted constitution. Representatives from Florida State University, the University of Florida, the University of Miami, and the Florida Department of Education were contributors, as were four of our future presidents.

The FPA annual meeting was held at the Golden Nugget Hotel on Miami Beach, May 2-4, 1957. Dr. Voorhis served as secretary of FPA that year, in addition to being elected president of FASP. The original constitution presented by Drs. Allen and Voorhis during this May meeting has been lost to time. It has been reported to this writer by a previous past president who was in attendance, that the document has considerable changes in the sections pertaining to membership requirements, officers, the executive committee, and of course, its annual meetings. Consistent throughout the years have been the organizational objectives and the name that so many of our founders had endeavored to establish - the Florida Association of School Psychologists.