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FASP Public Policy & Professional Relations

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FASP Public Policy & Professional Relations

The responsibility of the committee is to further public knowledge of school psychology and FASP, to promote FASP among its members and the public, and to facilitate communication of information within and outside the FASP membership.

Mary Alice Myers, FASP Public Policy & Professional Relations Chair

Childhood Physical Discipline Linked to Mental Health Issues...view report

Effective lobbying depends on communication. Your feedback will be very valuable to the FASP advocacy efforts. Please provide feedback each time you contact a legislator using this confidential feedback form.

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NOTE: If you would like to access any of the bills FASP is tracking, click the following link, select Senate or House, and enter the bill number of interest - www.leg.state.fl.us

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FASP Outstanding Legislators Awardees

1999 Senator Lisa Carlton
2000 Representative Gustavo Barriero
2001 Senator Anna Cowin
2002 Senator Walter “Skip” Campbell
2003 Representative Loranne Ausley
2003 Representative Suzanne Kozmas
2004 Representative Rafael Arza
2005 Senator Evelyn Lynn
2005 Representative Eleanor Sobel
2006 Representative Joe Pickens
2007 Senator Carey Baker and Representative Hugh Gibson
2008 Representative Nick Thompson
2009 Senator Stephen R. Wise
2010 Representative Bill Heller
2013 Senator Dwight Bullard
2013 Representative Reggie Fullwood
2014 Senator "Bill" Montford
2017-2018 Representative Gayle Harrell
2018 Senator Kathleen Passidomo
2019 Senator Kelli Stargel
2020 Representative Jennifer Necole Webb

Legacy Award for Distinguished Service to Children
2009 - Senator Eleanor Sobel

Check out the Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Policy Guide! This Policy Guide was developed to provide an orientation about public policy work with and on behalf of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families. The website is designed for use by Joseph P. Kennedy, Jr. Public Policy Fellows and others new to the field of public policy and intellectual and related disabilities.

The Guide provides information and articles about making federal policy, including the federal budget process. It briefly describes key Congressional committees, Executive branch agencies, federal legislation and judicial decisions that are most significant for people with disabilities. It also lists a number of stakeholder and constituent groups that work with and on behalf of individuals with intellectual disabilities and their families.