FASP Research

FASP Research

FASP Research

The Research Committee conducts, supports, and disseminates results of pertinent research to promote the delivery of state-of-the-art school psychological services.

Angel Canto, Ph.D., FASP Research Chair

FASP Research Awards (Proposal Guidelines)

The Florida Association of School Psychologists is pleased to announce the return of the FASP Research Award to support FASP student members in their research related to the practice of school psychology in Florida.

FASP is also pleased to introduce the Dr. Tom Oakland Research Award. This research award is designed to honor the memory and contributions of Dr. Oakland and to support FASP student members interested in conducting research aligned with much of Dr. Oakland's life's work. In particular, this award is designed to support research in one of three main areas: (1) school psychology related topics in an international or intercultural context, (2) diversity issues, or (3) issues related to social justice.
A Special Note of Thanks

FASP Research Policies and Procedures
When the FASP Executive Board is asked to endorse a survey mailed to school psychologists, and/or when a researcher requests access to the FASP Membership Database, the survey must be approved by the Research Committee and the FASP Executive Board. The Research Committee reviews the proposed survey first, and then makes a recommendation for approval or disapproval to the FASP Executive Board.

Prior to Consideration:
Before the Research Committee can consider a request for access to the database, a copy of the Researcher's Request to Access the FASP Membership Database must be submitted. In addition, we must receive a Copy of IRB approval; a Cover letter and/or email introduction to potential participants; and a Copy of the survey.

Once Access to the FASP Membership Database is approved, FASP will provide a file with the names of members who have agreed to participate in research surveys, their email address and their mailing address. This is the only membership information FASP provides. FASP does not complete any data manipulation prior to sending out the database file.

Please Note: The Executive Board meets four times a year (October, January, April, July). Researchers should consider these dates when submitting their requests to begin their study.

FASP policy prohibits giving out the email addresses of its members, without express consent.

Submit a request: Researcher's Request to Access FASP Membership Database